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UpViser Oy is a company specialised in the import and marketing of surgical special products. Our vision is to constantly develop as a company rendering the best possible service to those specialties of surgery which are part of our core expertise and providing these client groups added value through medical education and expertise. It is our aim to be constantly on the alert and search suitable solutions for our clients from different suppliers.

From a supplier's point of view we are loyal and active, with a pioneering spirit. We strive to live up to our promises and to achieve our objectives. Our organisation relies heavily on partnership thinking and we have a strongly committed staff. Our market area comprises the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the neighbouring areas of Russia, depending on the product group.

UpViser's core expertise comprises the following specialties of surgery:

  • Plastic surgery – methods for breast and face lifts and corrections, compression garmets, liposuction and fat grafting
  • Urology – endourology, surgical treatments of incontinence and erectile disorders
  • Gynecology – surgical treatments of incontinence and prolapse
  • Gastroenterology – endotherapy, bariatric surgery, tissue adhesives, proctology, GI Stents


Contact information

UpViser Oy
Perintötie 8 C 6
01510 Vantaa FINLAND
Tel. +358 10 835 4500
Fax. +358 10 835 4501
E-mail info@upviser.fi